Home Relief Services RIPOFF Artists Stefano Marrero - Terrance Green Heist Millions from Consumers

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Home Relief Services LLC is a Scam! Someone needs to do Something FAST!

To Whom it may concern: Who and What was Home Relief Services LLC. The owners of the company are Terence Green and Stefano Marrero. Home Relief Services Claimed to be a Loan Modification Company. Although the law states you must be DRE approved HRS operated without DRE Compliance or an advance fee agreement. Stefano Marrero and Terrence Green told all their employees they were a legal company and were able to do loan mods across the US. They took clients in any state no mater the situation or legal obligation. These company owners signed clients through a Retail Sales Team and a Wholesale Team that had no clue the were operating illegally…These guys took files from Mortgage Brokers and anyone else who had a file they wanted to send to them and of course pay in advance. It did not matter who sent the file HRS would charge the client by Credit Card or Check by Phone. These fees would range from $995 to 16,000. The contract the company used has a 100% Money Back policy in it. They are very reluctant to ever give the client their money back! They company literally has hundreds of clients waiting on refunds..these clients are getting the run around everyday. These are clients that for some reason the lender said they would not do a loan Mod for them, they deserve their money back. The contract states refund back in 10 business days! Now the company claims they don't have the money to give back. They have even bounced payroll checks to the employees and several vendors; they ran out on their first lease and left the landlord hanging.

They have had file in the system for over a year many files have sat on the floor for months before anything would be sent to the lender…many file s sat over 3 months.

These owners of the company have taken in Millions of Dollars per month and now they don't have the funds to pay employees or refunds these clients. They given a cease and desist order in Feb 2009 and were told to cease operating in the Loan Mod Business. The people listed were Home Relief Services LLC, Terence Green and Stefano Marrero. They still operated as US Loan Mod Processing and continued bring in Wholesale files. They still have a website up under EZMOD.com, Stefano Marrero is listed on the website as the contact.

After the Cease and desist order they had the employees sign a letter stating they were going out of business. Then they had them all fill out new applications for the Diener Law Group, and yes you guessed it they were back in business again business as usual nothing changed. Files kept coming in and the money was too!! Then all of a sudden Chris Diener started bouncing payroll checks and it just got worse from there. He won't pay employees, he has told employees that has showed up to collect their check he would have them arrested if they would not leave the premises.

Where is the money, Millions of dollars and I mean Millions??

Let's start with the Multi Million Dollar Homes

Or the 2 Bentley's that Stefano and Terence both drive or maybe the Mercedes Benz or the BMW and the Truck and the Escalade. Maybe the tuition that Terence paid to put his son in USC all paid by the money from poor homeowners who were taken by the people who could care less if the homeowners lose their homes to Foreclosure.

To top it all off Stefano Marrero and Terrence Green are starting a new business with these clients's money! They are now opening a debt settlement company and Mortgage Company.

They burned the Brokers by not paying them their portion for the fee collected. This is in the Hundreds of thousands of dollars!

If they don't do refunds and they don't pay vendors and they run out on leases and they don't pay the broker and now they don't have the money to pay employees, then where did the money go!! Most likely the issued check to themselves and may have made up Marketing Company's and cashed the checks themselves and kept the money. They at one point opened a Dish Net Work company and sold the services to clients using a dialer to contact potential clients which is against the law, you can read about it on the Internet. This business failed.

They started a Health care company Failed! Now they take the clients money and try again, can't some one stop them?

How could the DRE or the Government allow these people to get away with this?

I recently found out they committed Mortgage fraud by changing the financial worksheets on many clients.



MARCOS said...

I found them through a mortgage broker in Vegas that was using them to seel loan mods. The broker charged $1000 more than what HRS was charging so I went directly through HRS. My paper work is currently being reviewed by my mortgage company and it seems that at a minimum HRS has gotten all of my financial info to them. I've tried to get in touch with Diener Law Firm through every avenue and I've gotten no response.

I'll keep you posted on my mod.

April 17, 2009 10:39 AM

Anonymous said...

I am an ex-employee of 7 weeks. They flat out told us "We are not getting paid our wages." The 3 offices moved with back rent owing, they owe the phone company, advertising, etc. Just about everyone you can imagine. And, fraudiously have opened up another office this week (April 15th) in Santa Ana, CA. under another name! Where are the POLICE?

April 17, 2009 1:58 PM

Anonymous said...

Christopher & Majorie Diener

Cell: 949-291-9604

Hm: 2 Roshelle Lane, Ladera Ranch, Ca. 92694-1444

April 17, 2009 5:15 PM

Anonymous said...

Terrance, Stefano, and Christopher Diener are major scam arstists. Cant wait until they all go to prison and better yet burn in ***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 18, 2009 10:10 PM

Anonymous said...

I too am an ex-employee and several times Chris Diener has threatened to fire any person who offers a refund to the homeowner would be fired. He made it perfectly the only way he would give back any money was if they went as far as to file a claim against him. Chris Diener himself added the 100% money back promise with no intensions of EVER refunding the money, even on files that have been sitting untouched for 30 to 120 days plus. Any home owner that I know that has there files in with Diener I have advised to complain to the State Bar of California. Eventually he WILL be disbarred for lack of ethics.

April 20, 2009 1:56 PM

Anonymous said...

I hope everyone who has been effected by this creep has gone to the California State Bar and

Federal Trade Commission

(202) 326-2180

Department of Treasury

(202) 622-2960

Department of Justice

(202) 514-2007

Housing and Urban Development

(202) 708-0685

April 20, 2009 9:56 PM

Anonymous said...

I too have been scammed! I reported them to the Attorney General and am in the process of disputing the charge with my credit card company.

April 21, 2009 3:55 PM

Anonymous said...


1. The DRE if a real estate licensee is involved, or if the person or company is unlicensed. If the person or company is unlicensed, the DRE will file a Desist and Refrain Order. If the person or company is licensed, the DRE will commence disciplinary action, http://www.dre.ca.gov/cons_complaint.html.

2. The District Attorney, Sheriff, local police and local prosecutor in your community.

3. The California Attorney General, at www.ag.ca.gov/consumers/general.php.

4. The California State Bar if a lawyer is involved, or if an unlicensed person claims to be a lawyer at www.calbar.ca.gov.

5. The California Department of Corporations, at www.corp.ca.gov, if a loan modification claims to be operating under a California Finance Lender License.

6. The Federal Trade Commission, at www.ftc.gov. They have an excellent fact sheet on Foreclosure Rescue Scams.

7. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), at www.fbi.gov.

8. HUD, at www.hud.gov.

9. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), at www.fdic.gov.

10. The Better Business Bureau in your community.

11. The Chamber of Commerce in your community.

12. File a Small Claims Court action. These are informal courts where disputes are resolved quickly and inexpensively by a judge. Since 2008, you can recover up to $7,500 in Small Claims Court. You represent yourself, and can request a judgment for money damages. If (Issued 3/2009) 6

your judgment is based on fraud, misrepresentation, or deceit, or conversion of trust funds, and the judgment is against a real estate licensee, DRE has a Recovery Fund that may be able to pay your claim. Go to the DRE web site at www.dre.ca.gov, and look under the tab for "Consumers". Also, the California Secretary of State has a "Victims of Corporate Fraud Compensation Fund" that provides restitution to victims of corporate fraud. Go to the Secretary of State's web site at www.sos.ca.gov/vcfcf for more information.

April 23, 2009 9:33 AM

Anonymous said...

I have made several phone calls to Diener for refunds for files that are still in his office untouched. He is no longer returning my calls.(949.291.9604 Cell) I encourage everyone he has intentionally ripped off to Go to The state bar of California and file a formal complaint. I have called the bar and it is very easy to do. Certainly this will get him disbarred, this way he cannot take advantage of people in distress. There are several Diener ex-employees willing to give statements and testify.

April 27, 2009 10:11 AM

Anonymous said...

If you have not been compensate as employee call the Department of Labor: 1-877-889-5627.

May 1, 2009 10:45 AM

Anonymous said...

Don't just talk about what has happened to you , do something about it!!! Take action and don't let them get away with your money...put them behind bars, start calling and get them!!

Hope everyone who has been effected by these creeps has gone to the California State Bar and

Federal Trade Commission

(202) 326-2180

Department of Treasury

(202) 622-2960

Department of Justice

(202) 514-2007

Housing and Urban Development

(202) 708-0685

May 7, 2009 9:44 PM

Anonymous said...

My mother is a victim of fraud from both US Loan Mod Processicing and the Diener Law Firm. They took $3,000 and have refused to respond to a SINGLE call or e-mail since February.

I was able to find Diener's personal cell:

(949) 261 9604 and spoke with him.

I am meeting with this Monday at:

1665 West Ketella Ave

Anaheim, CA, 92802.

In the event Diener either refuses to cooperate, refuses to refund me, or fails to show that work has been done on my case I will be returning to the office within the week with my personal lawyer.

I have also filed a formal complaint with the local FBI office that investigates mortgage fraud.



May 8, 2009 5:50 PM

Greg said...

Is that address that was posted accurate? I am one PISSED off southern boy and its only 1,980 miles from my house. I looked it up and it must be a new street because they dont have street level pics yet on google maps. I'll rent a car and make the drive and get my refund right out of his a$$. Can anyone close to that area verify for me? I've got an eight day break from work coming up in 2 weeks and that sucker just might get a surprise.`

What about you dude who was meeting him West Ketella Ave? Did he show? You gettin your money back for your mom? He cheated me out of $3500.........dang it that *** me off everytime I say that.

May 14, 2009 9:19 PM

Anonymous said...

People listen up. If You got burned by Christopher Diener and his groups call this number and ask for Allison. 1-800-960-0135

There is an ongoing investigation on this crook and the more info we can give them the better the chances are of locking him up.

Pass it on!!!!!!!!!!!

May 15, 2009 5:44 PM

Anonymous said...

We are investigating one of the associates of this firm in regard to our need to recover 2 mercedes benz and one Porsche. Contact me if you spot any of these. I can be reached at JH90742 at aol dotcom

May 20, 2009 1:14 PM

Anonymous said...

Please call me if you have been burned by Christopher Diener, Home Relief Services or Dynamic Business Solutions- Allison (800)960-0135 ext 218

May 20, 2009 2:08 PM

Anonymous said...

This is the correct address, where the files are located. 1665 W Katella Ave, Anaheim, Californ

Christopher Lee Diener - #187890

Current Status: Active

This member is active and may practice law in California.

See below for more details.

Profile Information

Bar Number 187890

Address The Diener Law Group

18881 Von Karman Ave Fl 16

Irvine, CA 92612 Phone Number (949) 259-4985

Fax Number (949) 660-0342

e-mail Not Available

District District 8 Undergraduate School Univ of California San Diego; La Jolla CA

County Orange Law School Western State Univ COL; Fullerton CA

Sections None

ia 92802

Here's a little info on Chris Diener, which is was found at the Cali State Bar website.

May 22, 2009 5:24 PM

Anonymous said...

Nice work on the info.

Can anybody verify that this is correct??

Crook Chris's home address- 2 Roshelle lane, Ladera ranch, Ca 92694-1444

May 24, 2009 8:26 PM

Anonymous said...

I am meeting with the DA tomorrow morning to help them out with their investigation. Everything you read above is correct. I am an ex-employee. Not only do these guys steal from the customers, but their overworked staff who really want to help the customers also didn't get paid either.

May 25, 2009 11:26 PM

Anonymous said...

Thanks and good luck

May 26, 2009 7:05 AM

Anonymous said...

My mother and best friend have just been burned by this scam and its great to see so many people getting involved and trying to shut these people down! I would love to hear the updates. Did anyone actually go to the offices and see anybody?

IF YOU HAVE BEEN TAKEN FOR A RIDE USE THE BLOG TO FIGHT BACK: http://homereliefservicessucks.blogspot.com

Review about: Home Loan Modification.



1. Terrence and Chris have been arrested

2. i know for a fact they were involved and not struggling as "THE TRUTH " stated earlier

3. the address mentioned are correct but have been seized by the FBI

4. i am very familiar with the area...California, South orange County, Ladera Ranch...this is a upscale area...these are million dollar homes that these guys lived in

5. these guys are guilty and deserve everything that is coming to them. these scams are harming people who are already struggling.

6. google more info on these guys the articles will keep you reading for hours


I am very close to both Terence and Stefano and I can tell you this these men were not the ones who stole the money Chris stole every bit of it without there knowledge. Both men have been struggling to survive for a while now.

They are in the same boat that you people are in. You can try to sue them but dont be surprised when you come up empty.


Terence and chris diener have been arrested.

stefano still hasnt been taken into custody, but has a warrent.


can anyone verify that Terence Green lives at 2 Merrill Hill Ladera Ranch Ca. 92694?


we all been scammed ..by deneir group / hrs....how can one take steps to get there refund back..is the real question...anyone...


i was scammed by Home relief services..i tried to take them to small claims but found it hard to locate them to have them served to go to court...they took me for 3500...any with any suggestions on how i can go about suing them ..please email me..I tried serving them for small claims but the address they have is non occupied or existing..my email is oudoms2000@yahoo.com ..thanks


Steve Marrero's house is being foreclosed so I guess the party is over, he also filed for bk.


also...was he older (like in his fifties) with a receding hairline. Also, anyone have a picture?


Regarding the white Mercedes...was it an older white mercedes? Also did he do some process serving?


stefano's cell number 323-216-0555


Terrence Green is about 5'8, 170 lbs, not very muscular, African American, drives a white mercedes, talks with a little bit of a lisp.


Can someone describe Terrence Green for me? height, weight, build, race, etc...


I know where they (Greene and Marrero)both live in Ladera Ranch, Ca email me at jon@psimed.net


I submitted my loan mod.with stefano and terrance. They personally promised that they were going to help me out.

They took my money. Help me understand why is everyone lashing out at this Diener guy when I have never meet this guy nor did business with him. I did not gave him my money, i have never spoke to him. I want to make sure that Terrance and Stefano are held accountable for their actions all you guys are doing is just complaining on someone that I have never dealt with.

This is not going to help me or anyone who got scamed by this people. They took my check for 5K and never did anything. Now they are no where to be found. I don't care where this Diener guy lives where does stefano and terrance lives.

Those are the ones enyoing our money. Can you concentrate on the real issues rather than just wanting to complain?


Also scammed. But not without the paper trail.

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